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Join Our Partner Program: Together We Grow

If you are looking for new avenues to leverage your expertise and network, join us at no extra investment and get ready to earn by becoming our lead generation partner. Introduce clients to EMed HealthTech and earn your revenue with every successful referral.

Main Patner

What this Channel Partnership Program is about?

Our affiliate program is simple: You refer prospective customers interested in EMed HealthTech products and services, and we pay you a referral commission.

This program is designed to accelerate growth for both of us, wherein you will work as an affiliate and leverage your network and expertise to connect prospects with EMed HealthTech products and services.

We’re committed to working with our affiliates in a collaborative way that helps both parties grow. That’s why we offer unlimited support from our experts, who are also passionate about improving healthcare through technology, and regular updates on new developments in healthcare technology.

Why Partner with Us?

We at EMed HealthTech aim to build true partnerships with the channel partners. Here are what we provide in the channel partnership program?


Seamless Onboarding

Our main goal is to concentrate on our partner’s requirements and growth. You will be positioned with high-end tools and resources designed to help you succeed. Additionally, you won’t face any procedural hurdles because we have designed our program in such a way that it is seamless in nature.

  • Minimize learning curve
  • Access to advanced tools & resources
  • Hands-on with segment experts

Training & Support

We will provide our partners with training and round-the-clock assistance to ensure that they have the required knowledge and market understanding to refer clients effectively. During the comprehensive training, we will cover the features and benefits of our products, and market opportunities, and share our insights.

  • Familiarize yourself with the products & the market
  • Insights from industry experts
  • Learn the way you want


Partner Development

We go above and beyond for our partners to equip them with the necessary understanding in order to maximize earning opportunities without facing roadblocks anywhere. We have a dedicated partner development team that provides you with expert assistance and helps you to navigate our partner program, and resolve issues.

  • Earn more revenue
  • Support at your disposal
  • Learn different aspects of the sales funnel

Strong Line of Products

EMed HealthTech boasts a strong line of products that empower you to leverage more opportunities resulting in never-ending sales generation. It also helps that our products are built using modern technologies and the latest industry trends.

  • Robust products
  • Made with the latest technologies
  • Incorporating the latest industry trends
  • Developed by developers with industry-wide experience


Who can apply for the partnership?

Any individual with a strong network in the healthcare domain and a passion for propagating technological solutions for healthcare can apply for this partner program.

  • Healthcare Consultant
  • Pharmacy Billing Software Resellers
  • Pharmaceutical Company
  • Pharma Association

What are the USPs of EMed HealthTech?

  1. EMed HealthTech is a leading company specializing in health-tech solutions. Join the bandwagon and stand to receive up to 20% of revenue.
  2. EMed HealthTech has demonstrated exponential growth and has established itself as an expert in its respective domain.
  3. EMed HealthTech offers a wide range of health-tech-related products and services, that are powered by industry-leading technologies and modern trends.
  4. Since its inception, EMed HealthTech has established a clientele of over 560+ satisfied clients, spread across 34+ countries.
  5. With advanced and feature-packed solutions, it has become a synonym with quality.


Got a Question?

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What will be my revenue share?

You will get 20% of the revenue received in the first year, 15% of the revenue in the second year, and 10% of the revenue third year onwards.

When will the revenue be settled?

Revenue will be settled on a quarterly basis.

What are the steps I need to follow?

Partner will have to raise an invoice.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Any refund will not be considered revenue. And any taxes or bank charges will have to be borne by the partner.

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