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Healthcare Software
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EMed HealthTech as a leading healthcare software development company offers complete healthcare IT services including designing, developing, and testing to lead a digital transformation to the healthcare industry. We develop cost-effective and smart healthcare solutions that aggregate data, connect medical devices, and boost real-time communication to enhance user experience.

Healthcare Software Development Services

With expertise in the healthcare IT domain, we provide GDPR & HIPAA compliant software development services to improve patient outcomes, provide
remote care and automate workflows.
We deliver custom-fit healthcare software that meets the needs of different healthcare specialties.

Telehealth & Telemedicine Software

Telehealth & Telemedicine Software

We build on-demand Telemedicine software that connects healthcare providers & patients for a virtual consultation. Custom Telehealth solutions offer convenient, collaborative & secure remote healthcare delivery to increase outreach, do better allocation of resources and engage more patients. Key Features:

  • Patient Portal & EHR/EMR Integration
  • Online Appoint Scheduling & Video Conferencing
  • Visualized Data Analytics
  • Tele Education For Consumer & Health Professionals

IoT Healthcare Software

We develop IoT software to collect patient data through smart sensors & analyze data for actionable insights. IOHT/IOMT solutions help to build a smart healthcare system that automates hospital workflow, asset management & tracking and improves patient care & staff productivity. Key Features:

  • Patient, Staff, Medicine, Medical Inventory & Equipment Tracking
  • Healthcare Data Collection & Analytics
  • Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Connected Medical Devices & Wearables

IoT Healthcare Software
EHR & EMR Software

EHR & EMR Software

We build custom EHR & EMR software that helps healthcare providers to manage patient health/medical records, automate clinical workflows, improve doctor-patient communication, and maximize productivity. Our EHR solutions help to store, manage and access all the patient data in a digital form. Key Features:

  • Practice & Revenue Cycle Management
  • AI Chatbots
  • Patient Portal
  • Cloud OR On-Premises EHR/EMR

Practice Management Software

We build custom practice management software to manage day-to-day tasks of healthcare practices like medical billing, appointment scheduling, and admin tasks. Our custom PMS solutions fit both small and medium-sized practices that improve workflows, collaboration, information security. Key Features:

  • Integration With EHR/EMR
  • Insurance Claims Management
  • Health Education
  • Patient Portals

Practice Management Software
Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management Software

EMed HealthTech builds hospital management software to optimize, track, and manage administrative & financial tasks. Our custom HMS solutions are designed for all key healthcare stakeholders and help hospitals to automate the workflow, streamline operations, reduce costs and paperwork. Key Features:

  • Pharmacy, Laboratory, Blood Bank, Inventory Management
  • Billing, Finance & Accounting & HR Management
  • Patient & Staff Management
  • MIS Reports, Analytics & Dashboards

Lab Information Management Software

We develop custom lab information management software that helps laboratories manage and track samples, organize workflows, and store & analyze data in order to improve lab efficiency. LIMS solutions perform operations like audit trail, barcode handling, time tracking & role-based access. Key Features:

  • Sample, Inventory & Workflow Management
  • Document, Report & Certification Management
  • Quotation & Invoicing
  • Quality Control Assessments

Lab Information Management Software
e-Pharmacy Software

e-Pharmacy Software

EMed HealthTech builds hospital management software to optimize, track, and manage administrative & financial tasks. Our custom HMS solutions are designed for all key healthcare stakeholders and help hospitals to automate the workflow, streamline operations, reduce costs and paperwork. Key Features:

  • Pharmacy Billing & Sales 
  • ERP Integration
  • E-prescribing & POS Integration
  • Inventory, Payment & Revenue Cycle Management

Medical Billing Software

We develop medical billing software to optimize healthcare practice revenue, file accurate claims, and increase reimbursements. Our custom medical billing solutions have a scheduling and financial reporting system to make practice more convenient, intuitive & productive. Key Features:

  • Claims Management
  • Patient Payments
  • Clearinghouse Integration
  • Reporting & Analysis

Medical Billing Software

Product Design Lifecycle

01 Analysis

Analyze the user requirements & needs including user demographics, motivations, behavior & goals and prepare technical documentation.

02 UI/UX Design

Build the interaction between design elements and give the look & feel of the app and finalize the app UI/UX.

03 Development

If the design is ready, then turn a model into a fully functional product by front-end and back-end segments of coding.

04 Testing

Test the application for usability, compatibility, security, interface checks, stress, and performance.

05 Deployment

After testing & retesting, it is deployed to the server using FTP. After deployment, final test to be sure that all files have been installed correctly.

06 Maintenance

After publishing the app, it’s time for maintenance & support. Add the advanced features collected in the backlog of the project.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose EMed HealthTech Developers for Healthcare Software?

Our developers at EMed HealthTech provide custom healthcare software development to healthcare organizations, hospitals, doctors, patients, laboratories, imaging practices, pharma companies, payers & providers, government & private sectors to improve efficiency with secure integrations.

  • 1040+ Digital Platforms Delivered
  • 510+ Apps developed
  • Team Size of 52+ professionals
  • 24*7 SLA Customer Support
  • HIPAA and FDA compliant platform
  • Client across 34+ Countries
  • 560+ Clients across different verticals
  • 5+ years of experience in the Healthcare IT Domain

We Deliver Custom Healthcare Software Development

  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • Ajax
Custom Services for Healthcare

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