Hospital Management System(HMS)

Automate workflows, improve patient care & engagement and enhance financial
performance with EMed HealthTech’s custom hospital management software.

Hospital Management Software Solutions

Being one of the best hospital management software providers, EMed HealthTech builds custom healthcare apps and softwares that helps to deliver superior healthcare delivery for hospitals, clinics, medical centers, and clinic chains as well. We develop clinical management software that is integrated with electronic patient health records (EHR) and ERP - enterprise resource planning modules. It is compliant with Indian and international EHR standards with secure video consults and encrypted chat features.

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Hospital Management Software
Hospital Management Software
Hospital Management Software

Benefits of Hospital Information Management System(HIMS)

Electronic Health Records(EHR)

Electronic Health Records(EHR)

Healthcare management software manages patients’ medical data digitally and enables integration with different hospital departments. In order to enable a more effective patient management system.

Centralised Administration

Centralised Administration

Centralised Administration system of EHR software can digitally manage and track the data from health speciality departments as well as other departments such as billing, inventory, sales stores, procurement, etc.

Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows

With an automated platform you can reduce the manual/paperwork of your staff and eliminate errors caused by manual work. We develop optimized hospital management software that is easy to use, cost-effective, and time-saving.

Improve Clinical Outcomes

Improve Clinical Outcomes

Hospital information management software has a process-driven, automized, & technology-enhanced approach that provides quality patient care and optimize hospital process. That will help to improve your overall clinical outcomes.

Module-wise Custom Development

Module-wise Custom Development

You can choose the desired modules for software that are required and suitable for your current hospital workflow. And our developers will develop fully-customized software based on your requirements for hospital management.

Faster Turnaround Time(TAT)

Faster Turnaround Time(TAT)

HMS software helps to increase hospital efficiency by providing remote patient monitoring and tools that automatically synchronize patient vitals with patients' health records. It results in Faster Turnaround Time.

Why Develop Healthcare Management Software with EMed HealthTech?

With 7+ years of experience specifically in the Healthcare IT domain, our experienced healthcare software developers at EMed HealthTech have the capability to adopt & implement the technology quickly, can build error-free solutions, and deliver the project on time at competitive prices. Let’s check what will be in the Hospital Management System:

All-In-One Integrated System

Telemedicine & EHR/EMR Lab Information, Nursing Admin Radiology, PACS & Teleradiology Operation Theater and ICU

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Inquiry, Registration, Appointment Inventory, Purchase, Billing HR, Finance, Asset & Insurance Reporting, Statistics, Dashboard

Hospital Security Management

Real-time Monitoring & Reporting Time and Attendance Tracking Employee Scheduling & Open Shifts Safeguard EHR with limited access

Required Healthcare Regulatory Compliant

HIPAA – For USA GDPR – For Europe PIPEDA – For Canada PDP – For India

Hospital Management Software Basic Modules with Features

Receptionist/Admission Module

Receptionist/Admission Module

Registration, Admission, Discharge

Vacancy & Occupancy for Hospital

Print-out of different forms

Appointment Management

OPD & IPD Management Module

OPD & IPD Management Module

Appointment & follow-up

Vaccine Chart, Consent Form

Admission, Discharge, Operation

Nursing Note & O.T. Scheduling

Billing Module

Billing Module

Category, Item & Party Master

Items Issue & Stock Adjustment

Purchase & Issue Return of item

Billing, Estimation, Receipt & Refund

Pharmacy Module

Pharmacy Module

Medicine & Supplier Master

Price List & Payment

Order, Invoice & Return

Stock Transfer & Adjustment

Laboratory & Radiology Module

Laboratory & Radiology Module

Investigation Master, Group, Profile

Lab Collection & Summary

Radiology Result & Advice List

Lab & Radiology Report & Bill

Accounting Module

Accounting Module

Expense & Income Master

Bill & Receipt Master

Budget & Balance Master

Profit & Loss A/C

Insurance Module

Insurance Module

Claim Receipt & Register

Claim Submission

TPA Master

Company Master

HR - Human Resource Module

HR - Human Resource Module

Attendance & Leave

Employee Master

Pay Scale Master

Generate Salary

Advanced HMS Modules

Advanced HMS Modules

Our healthcare software development team designs secure and reliable hospital management software with some basic necessary modules. But there are advanced modules as well, that we can develop based on requirements. Examples of advanced modules of hospital management

Nursing and Ward Management

Ambulance Management

Housekeeping and Laundry Management

Inventory Management

Blood Bank Management

Utility & Master Module

MIS/HMIS Reports

MIS/HMIS Reports

MIS is implemented in a hospital in order to manage patient care & related administrative functions, enable new operational insights, and to cater decision-making reporting for projects. HMIS dashboard provides data on outpatient flow, pharmacy consumption, outpatient-to-inpatient ratio, etc. and provides reports for Budget, Production, Inventory, Sales, Orders, Financial, Statistical Publications and more. Benefits of MIS reports:

Improved Goal-setting

Prevention of incidents

Easy retrieval of data

Improves accountability

Healthcare Data Analytics

Healthcare Data Analytics

Healthcare data analytics & visualization is the procedure of examining raw datasets to find the latest trends, find conclusions and identify the potential for improvement. Its right implementation can increase patient access to services, reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve patient satisfaction. Types of healthcare data analytics

Descriptive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Prescriptive Analytics

Discovery Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions About Hospital Management System

What Is Hospital Management Software?

HMS is an integrated system dedicated to managing all the information, data, reports, etc. related to all the data associated with all departments of a hospital.
Yes, we provide customized solutions for the hospital management system. Our health tech developers integrated the required features as per your hospital needs.
The key benefits of hospital management software are less paperwork, cost reduction, increased patient satisfaction, improved data security, better collaboration & communication, error-free administration, MIS reports, and more.
Yes, hospital management software is suitable for all sizes of hospitals. It means you can use HMS for small, medium-sized, and enterprise healthcare businesses.
Yes, you can hire experienced software developers who are experts in the Healthcare IT domain and who can develop compliant-based healthcare platforms including hospital management software.

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