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IoT In Healthcare

IoT In Healthcare

We at EMed HealthTech implement IoT in healthcare solutions to enable real-time health monitoring, provide compelling solutions to collect patient data, track patients’ activities and measure the outcome on different levels of success. We provide IoT implementation using the latest technology to improve the quality of treatments and prevent patients from infectious diseases.

Internet Of Things in Healthcare

Our IoT solutions help to transform the healthcare industry by redefining the space of devices & patient interaction. IoT can be implemented by connecting medical
devices to apps, so providers can get health data, doctors can use that data to analyze the patient’s symptoms & provide treatment.

IoT for Patients

IoT for Patients

By implementing IoT we give patients access to personalized attention, so they can prevent, manage, & control the disease. IoT-enabled wearables & devices like fitness bands, glucometers help chronic patients to track physical activity and make a decision that improves health. Key Features:

  • End-to-End Security
  • Reminders for exercise checks, appointments, etc.
  • Communications Via Smart Devices
  • Real-Time Location Technology

IoT for Physicians

Through IoT implementation, we help healthcare professionals to be more watchful & insightful with a proactive connection with the patients. Data collected from IoT devices & wearables can help physicians to identify the best treatment process for patients and achieve the desired outcomes. Key Features:

  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Education & Research
  • Robotic surgery
  • Actionable Data With Visualization

IoT Healthcare Solutions _IoT for Physicians
IoT for Hospitals

IoT for Hospitals

Our IoT solutions help hospitals to monitor the patient’s health, monitor hygiene conditions and track the real-time location of patients, staff & medical equipment. With IoT-enabled devices, hospitals can manage pharmacy inventory and monitor the environment. Key Features:

  • Medicine Management
  • IoT Sensors
  • End-to-end Connectivity
  • LTE Networks

IoT for Health Insurance Companies

We help health insurance companies to leverage data captured by IoT-connected devices for their underwriting & claims operations and claims handling & risk assessment processes. Insurers can offer incentives to the clients and reward them for using IoT devices and sharing the data. Key Features:

  • IoT Modules
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Multi-stream Integration
  • Automation

IoT for Health Insurance Companies

Product Design Lifecycle

01 Analysis

Analyze the user requirements & needs including user demographics, motivations, behavior & goals and prepare technical documentation.

02 UI/UX Design

Build the interaction between design elements and give the look & feel of the app and finalize the app UI/UX.

03 Development

If the design is ready, then turn a model into a fully functional product by front-end and back-end segments of coding.

04 Testing

Test the application for usability, compatibility, security, interface checks, stress, and performance.

05 Deployment

After testing & retesting, it is deployed to the server using FTP. After deployment, final test to be sure that all files have been installed correctly.

06 Maintenance

After publishing the app, it’s time for maintenance & support. Add the advanced features collected in the backlog of the project.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose EMed HealthTech For IOT Implementation?

Our aim is to fulfill a modern treatment approach by implementing IoT in healthcare and help at different phases of patient and healthcare system interaction. We help healthcare service providers to offer personalized solutions & valuable treatment based on the patient’s lifestyle & medical history.

  • 1040+ Digital Platforms Delivered
  • 510+ Apps developed
  • Team Size of 52+ professionals
  • 24*7 SLA Customer Support
  • Secure platform
  • Client across 34+ Countries
  • 560+ Clients across different verticals
  • 7+ years of experience in the Healthcare IT Domain

We Deliver Custom IOT Implementation Services for Healthcare

  • Cellular
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
Custom Services for Healthcare

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