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EMed HealthTech provides feature-rich MR reporting software for medical companies, medical representatives, and supervisors to streamline their operations and synchronize the information on the go. Our medical representative application aims to maximize operational efficiency and improve communication by digitizing field activities, enabling daily analysis and live GPS tracking of medical representatives.

MR App

Here are our awesome features

Our GPS-enabled MR Application makes it convenient for sales managers to keep track of medical representatives
throughout the day and empowers the medical reps’ to synchronize their activities in real-time.


Why Choose EMed HealthTech?

Why Choose EMed HealthTech MR Application?

EMed HealthTech provides a comprehensive and cost-efficient MR reporting solution to fulfill the unique needs of Medical representatives and sales managers. Our feature-packed MR application provides a plethora of benefits for all the stakeholders.

  • 1040+ Digital Platforms Delivered
  • 510+ Apps developed
  • Team Size of 52+ professionals
  • 24*7 SLA Customer Support
  • HIPAA and FDA compliant platform
  • Client across 34+ Countries
  • 560+ Clients across different verticals
  • 5+ years of experience in the Healthcare IT Domain

Why Develop an App for You
Medical Representatives

  • Complete tracking of MR trips

  • Improve internal communication

  • For stronger sales analysis

  • More operational efficiency

Our Work

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What is MR App for?

This app is designed to streamline and digitize the day-to-day tasks of medical representatives and facilitate easy management of medical representatives for supervisors.

Can I customize the platform to suit my requirements?

Yes, we prioritize our client’s preferences, and we customize our products based on their requirements like branding, desired features, UI, and other add-ons.

Can I integrate this platform with our existing system?

Yes, we can integrate this platform with other systems to make your operations smooth. We just need to understand your requirements for this, and we have a team of experts who can help you through this process.

Is this platform easy to adopt?

Yes, this platform has been developed by taking inputs from the experts and the pharma industry leaders and incorporating the best practices that are being carried out currently in the market for the easy adoption of the platform.

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