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Are you struggling to grow revenues at your Healthcare Facility?

Bring greater efficiency to your business with EMed Tech’s remote patient monitoring software and witness immediate improvement in patient outcomes. Our patient monitoring applications are easy to setup, seamlessly integrating with your existing business functions and processes. Our software complies with Indian and International standards such as HIPAA and GDPR, featuring secure communication channels and encrypted storage of confidential patient data.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Solutions

With Emed’s patient remote monitoring system, you can continuously monitor patients even when away from the traditional clinic setting via dedicated technologies. Connected devices record patient vitals such as blood glucose and blood pressure; doctors then consult this data to monitor their patients’ health and make adjustments for a better quality of care. By allowing patients to remotely connect with their doctors and benefit from a consultation from the comfort of their homes, our telehealth solutions have been a blessing for those with chronic or acute medical conditions.

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Features of EMed Remote Health Monitoring System

Our software packages come loaded with several features. Have your pick of the
ones that are best suited to your needs from the list below.

Real-Time Tracking

checkPatient data collection from multiple tracking devices for early detection.

checkGenerating symptoms log and tracking medicine intake.

checkGenerating patient lifestyle and physical activity logs for root cause analysis of symptoms.

checkAI chatbots for patient interaction on existing or developing symptoms.

Reporting and Data Analytics

checkAnalysis of patient vitals measured against pre-defined parameters.

checkSymptom trend identification to detect potential medication side effects or disease progressions.

checkAutomated report generation for abnormal health events, patient health trends, and more.

checkDashboards for better data visualization and valuable analytical insights.

Compliant With Data Management Best Practices

checkEncrypted storage for all sensitive information and patient data.

checkRole-based staff security privileges to limit unwanted access to confidential information.

checkMulti-factor authentication system to prevent unauthorized user access.

checkCompliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and other international data security regulations.

Secure Online Communication Channel

checkVirtual consultations with chronically ill patients to address abnormalities and adjust care plans for better symptom management.

checkSecure messaging services for non-urgent consultations.

checkTwo-factor authentication for added security during online consultations.

checkIntegration with electronic health records (EHRs) for seamless access to patient data during consultations.

Universal Accessibility

checkText-to-speech functionality to help the visually impaired.

checkVoice-enabled operations for those with motor-skill disabilities.

checkToggle switch for enlarged fonts and high-contrast display.

checkCompatibility with screen readers for the visually impaired to navigate the platform efficiently.

IoT-Enabled Configuration and Monitoring

checkSupports automatic integration across several health tracker devices.

checkReal-time device failure detection and alert trigger.

checkTelehealth remote monitoring parameter configuration.

checkProvides secure and encrypted data transmission for sensitive health information

Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring Software

Provide Seamless Healthcare Access

A remote patient monitoring platform allows doctors to spend more time providing better quality care to some of their critical patients who can choose to get treated from the comfort of their homes and avoid the hassle of travel.

Early Detection and Resolution

With an RPM application, your patients can report early health concerns, have a preliminary diagnosis of their symptoms, get treated on time, and continue to remain under remote observation during the recovery period.

Improved Patient Engagement

Access to 24/7 data monitoring and timely reminders to follow the prescribed treatment plan allows patients to have better control over their health, improving the overall effectiveness of the treatment plan.

Optimized Resource Utilization

The remote care capabilities help in reducing non-critical hospital admissions, thereby freeing up beds, staff, and other critical resources for those in need of urgent medical attention.

Why Should You Opt for Custom Patient Remote
Monitoring Software Development?

Every business has certain unique requirements for which a custom remote
health monitoring system is preferred.

The Broader Scope of Connectivity

Custom software enhances the scope of connectivity across a wide range of devices to better monitor patient health parameters, providing you with a broader spectrum of device manufacturers to buy from.

Optimized Functionality for Your Organization

Your business could require more than just the core telehealth remote monitoring functionalities. How about providing an app exclusively for your extended care team?

Seamless Integration

A custom-developed software can be designed for seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure and legacy solutions.

Choosing the Best Remote Patient Monitoring Software Developer

As one of the leading names in healthcare IT solutions, EMed Tech has assisted several businesses in improving their quality of remote care with patient monitoring software. Our team of domain experts and skilled developers will ensure that your requirements are clearly understood and implemented. We are renowned for providing cost-effective, accessible remote patient monitoring development services to suit every budget.

Wan to streamline your healthcare operations and deliver high-quality patient care? Get in touch with EMed Tech experts with your project requirements today and allow us to transform your remote health services capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Healthcare Remote Patient Monitoring?

In healthcare, remote patient monitoring represents the systematic use of technology for collecting and transmitting patient data remotely. Healthcare providers can use this system to check on their patients’ vital readings, symptoms, and any other health-specific information from a distance. This helps detect potential issues at an early stage so that doctors can intervene on time and help provide better care to the patients. This is especially true for those in need of continuous medical attention or suffering from chronic conditions.
With the help of remote patient monitoring, healthcare providers can remotely track patient vitals and health data. It helps in improving treatment outcomes for patients, brings about enhanced patient engagement, and leads to reduction in hospital readmissions. It also allows more personalized care and timely interventions for those experiencing chronic health conditions.
Any individual suffering from a chronic condition for six months is considered eligible for remote patient monitoring services. The healthcare provider enrols the patient and gathers necessary medical information and demographic data. The patient is required to connect their monitoring devices onto mobile applications and upload the vitals which can be readily reviewed by the service provider and acted upon as applicable. Billing can be done at the end of the month for the services provided and claims submitted to medical insurance companies for eligible reimbursements.
Remote patient monitoring represents a telehealth subset where patients use technology and mobile medical devices for healthcare needs. These devices collect and transmit generated health data to the providers. Patients and providers have the flexibility to connect remotely as per their convenience through video and audio calls, as well as via real-time messaging. Notifications, reminders, and alerts are some of the other features of this system.

A Remote Patient Monitoring system has the following benefits:

  • Easy access to patient data for professional healthcare providers.
  • Enhanced treatment quality for patients.
  • Cost optimization and savings.
  • Efficient service from healthcare providers.
  • Higher revenue generation for the providers.

Any device that is capable of electronic patient health data collection and transmitting it remotely through mobile or cellular devices using WiFi, Bluetooth, or any other form of transmitting media. Several patient monitoring devices are available in the market including thermometers, wearable devices, ECGs, pulse oximeters, glucometers, and blood pressure cuffs among others.

With a Remote Patient Monitoring Software, providers can remotely monitor patent data in real-time using a web application. The software is broadly classified into three portals – Admin, Provider, and Patient.

The admin portal can be used to create provider groups and setup provider profiles for managing admin functions such as financials and user management. The Provider portal allows patient enrolment, care program creation, and patient assignment. It can also be used to manage devices, automate time tracking, patient vital monitoring, and to take appropriate actions where necessary. Patients can connect any compatible medical device to their app. The device tracks the vitals and transmits to providers for review. Patients can also communicate with the providers anytime they want through secure communication channels.

There are several determinant factors involved in a patient monitoring app development such as app complexity, choice of features, development platform used, and additional implementation services provided. Some of the best remote patient monitoring development services can do it for you in anywhere between six to eight months.

The major components of a remote patient monitoring system for optimal performance include:

  • IoMT sensors and medical devices.
  • Patient mobile app.
  • Physician app, complete with real-time dashboard of patient vitals.
  • Data security in compliance with HIPAA guidelines.
  • Admin app for ancillary tasks and functions.

A remote patient monitoring system plays an important role in managing chronic illnesses where patient vitals need to be kept under observation at all times. Sensors and medical devices collect the information and send them to the healthcare providers for review. Patient remote monitoring also helps in early detection of any deterioration in patient health so that the doctors can accordingly modify their treatment plans.

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