HnG – Health & Glow Online Pharmacy

Date April 3, 2023


About Project

HnG – Health & Glow Online Pharmacy is a leading and well-known medical store based out in Lusaka, Zambia. With over 12+years of experience, HnG Pharmacy serves all patients by delivering medicines, OTC products, cosmetics, and generic medicines. EMed HealthTech handled its digital marketing operations and managed SEO strategy, rankings, leads, and social media handles.

HnG – Health & Glow Online Pharmacy

Key Challenges

HnG wanted to grow its online visibility via various marketing channels such as SEO – search engine, social media, and PPC. A big challenge was to improve their keywords which were outside of the top 100 categories. They also wanted to increase business inquiries and revenue as well without any negative impact on their existing campaign, traffic, and organic revenue. So, we needed to craft a digital marketing strategy thoughtfully to ensure good digital marketing growth while limiting any negative impact on their existing camping.

HnG – Health & Glow Online Pharmacy


EMed HealthTech successfully devised and executed various digital marketing strategies to boost organic search rankings, track keyword performance, and improve the quality of leads. It resulted in the exponential growth of visitors on its – organic and paid.

Results / Outcomes

We selected multiple data points and KPIs to track and assess the performance of their site to make sure we met our goals and expectations. We planned all our processes with proper planning, rigorous mapping, and auditing at regular intervals. 

HnG – Health & Glow Online Pharmacy

Results - K/W Ranking

Their total keyword presence in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) also improved substantially, as around 70 keywords found a place in the top 100 categories, and more than half of them were in the top 10.

Results - Traffic

In May 2021, their total traffic surged by more than 100% and organic traffic surged by more than 500%. 

HnG – Health & Glow Online Pharmacy
HnG – Health & Glow Online Pharmacy
HnG – Health & Glow Online Pharmacy

Results-Traffic & Goal

Here is the summary of the website traffic and business goals(inquiries).

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