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EMed HealthTech provides Telemedicine app solutions to enable healthcare organizations to deliver high-quality virtual care, boost revenue and increase patient satisfaction. We provide a complete telemedicine package including a Patient App, a Doctor App, and a Hospital App to satisfy everyone’s unique needs.

Telemedicine App

Key Features of Telemedicine App

Being a major Telemedicine Application Development Company, we provide white label & customized Telemedicine app
development services that help you to streamline your workflow – whether you are a doctor, a hospital, or a clinic.


Architecture Of Online Telemedicine Platform

Why Choose EMed HealthTech?

Why Choose EMed HealthTech For Telemedicine App Development?

EMed HealthTech provides a comprehensive telemedicine platform that is scalable, cost-efficient, and tailor-made to fulfill all Hospital App Development needs. Our Telemedicine App Development Services provide a complete ecosystem aiming to optimize clinics’ operations.

  • 1040+ Digital Platforms Delivered
  • 510+ Apps developed
  • Team Size of 52+ professionals
  • 24*7 SLA Customer Support
  • Secure platform
  • Client across 34+ Countries
  • 560+ Clients across different verticals
  • 7+ years of experience in the Healthcare IT Domain

Why do you have to develop a Telemedicine App
for healthcare business?

  • Easier to reach more people

  • Increase the sales of your product

  • Make it easier to make transaction

  • Customer get information faster

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Got a Question For Telemedicine?

We’ve Got the Answer!

We have answered all the most frequent questions of the Telemedicine App here.
If you still need more information, please contact us


What is Telemedicine app development?

How much time will it take to build my Telemedicine app?

We have a ready-made solution for Telemedicine app development including a native Android App, iOS App, and Website. We also customize the product based on client requirements so that the time may vary according to your requirements. Please contact our executive to know more.

Do you provide customization in Telemedicine App Development?

Yes, we provide customization in Telemedicine app development services. We prioritize our client’s preferences, and we customize the Telemedicine apps and websites based on the requirements like branding, desired features, UI, and other add-ons.

Do you provide support after Telemedicine app project deployment?

We provide full technical support even after the successful deployment of the Telemedicine app development project also. In fact, our relationship with clients truly starts after the project. We provide complete maintenance of the platform, bug fixes, and other support during and after the project.

What is the procedure to get a Telemedicine app for my clinic?

Getting a dedicated telemedicine app for your clinic is very easy. All you need to do is submit your requirements to us, determine whether you need any additional customization in the white-label solution or not, sign up and complete the payment to finalize the project and we’ll deliver a working telemedicine app for you.

What payment methods are accepted in Telemedicine App?

We accept most credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers for subscription payments in Telemedicine App.

Can I create a Telemedicine App and Telemedicine Website From Scratch?

Yes, we at EMed HealthTech provide Telemedicine app development and Telemedicine website development from scratch as per your requirements.

What is the Experience of Telemedicine App Developers in Your Team?

Our Telemedicine App Developers at EMed HealthTech have healthcare domain experience of 7+ years.

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