Hindustan Pharmacy- EMed HealthTech

Date December 29, 2020

Client Vashishth Patel


About Project

A Newcomer In Online Pharmacy Captures Stronghold Over Surat City By Using EMed HealthTech’s Online Platform

Hindustan Pharmacy is a licensed single pharmacy store located in Surat, which sells allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic, vitamins & nutrition supplements, and other health-related products. During the COVID-19 lockdown, they became a household name and captured a stronghold over the city’s online pharmacy needs. Their requirements were quite straightforward – to build an ePharmacy platform that is easy to use for their customers, the majority of whom were new to the concept of ePharmacy.

Hindustan Pharmacy- EMed HealthTech
Hindustan Pharmacy- EMed HealthTech

Key Challenges

Hindustan Pharmacy didn’t have much exposure to online pharmacy, and neither did their customers. So they preferred an easy-to-use platform. Additionally, to meet the demand of the whole city, they have hired many delivery personnel. And because they sell so many products, they wanted category-wise sorting of products and promotional tabs to promote product groups. Having opened an eCommerce website for their store, they wanted to attract a new customer base. And their marketing team wanted some insights into how to cater to the needs of online customers.


EMed HealthTech guided Hindustan Pharmacy from the beginning to transform their idea into reality. We provided them with an Android app, an iOS app, and a website for their online pharmacy platform. We provided them with many payment gateways so that their customers can use promotional offers of different gateways. We have provided category-wise sorting and promotional sections and our marketing team regularly gives them advice about expanding their business online and keeping customers happy. 

Hindustan Pharmacy- EMed HealthTech

Business Benefits

After launching their online pharmacy platform on 29th December 2019, Hindustan Pharmacy saw its fortuned turned. Customer satisfaction has also skyrocketed. Thanks to the new platform, they are getting more business and capturing wider consumer bases. The influx of cash has allowed them to expand to other areas like Healthcare devices, Lifestyle products, Personal care, etc.

Their timely implementation of the online pharmacy platform just before the COVID-19 pandemic, when people were reluctant to purchase medicines physically, made them a go-to place for medicine buying.

EMed HealthTech is glad to have worked with such an amazing client.

Business Benefits

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